1. A Sublime Disruption: It Is Not A Small World

    A Sublime Disruption On Vimeo

    a couple of years back

    my life changed



    i hadn’t changed with it

    out of the ashes of those events

    i decided to try and relax

    and to live a little

    the things i chose to do

    while incredible

    and fun

    began to blend into each other

    and i found myself

    doing the same things

    if a little differently

    and my circle of life grew ever smaller

    it was at that point

    i decided to eradicate

    whatever elements of my life

    that remained

    and out of the misfortune

    that i had experienced

    came enough fortune to afford me

    a sublime disruption

    this is not a beautiful film

    it is clumsy

    it is missing many things

    there are times

    things are blurred

    things are out of context

    and its difficult to see

    what it is your looking at

    but it is authentic in it’s confusion

    and honest in its intention

    and it’s all i have to give

    early in this journey

    i read a book

    where the writer laid out that

    no relation of a dream

    can convey the dream sensation

    the commingling of absurdity


    and bewilderment

    the notion of being captured by the incredible

    which is the essence of dreams

    it is impossible

    he said

    because we live as we dream


    i use this dream

    which i lived

    to try and remember

    how it was for me

    to be in these places


    it was difficult to see

    what it was i was looking at

    where there was far too much

    to understand

    and all i ever discovered

    is how little that i knew

    that i should always remember

    that quite simply

    all i can ever hope to understand

    is myself

    but that

    is no small feat

    it is not a small world

    there is no rhyme

    there is no reason

    there is only me

    and everything i am

    and my relationship

    to everything around me

    this dream i lived

    helps me remember

    that when i feel trapped

    when the limits of my horizon

    root me to one spot

    that i am my own world

    and i am my own dreams

    and my dreams have no horizons

    and i am

    surrounded by more worlds

    and more dreams

    worlds of you

    and your dreams

    and worlds of them

    and their dreams

    and no more than they are

    no more than you are

    it is not a small world

    and that together

    our horizons are infinite

    because ours are not small dreams.

    - Written on my return, January 2012


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